Monday, March 14, 2016

more Niagara Falls

We returned to Niagara Falls this past weekend for the opening of Gerry's show "Made of Thunder, Made of Glass II" at the Castellani Museum at Niagara University. Here's the links:
Castellani Museum and Facebook page 

lesser and great black-backed and ring-billed gulls
Of course, I immediately went over to the falls on arrival! The weather was great, hardly any snow and no wind. Lots of gulls and large rafts of ducks awaited me!

common goldeneye

Male common goldeneyes were doing their "dance" trying to impress the ladies.

common goldeneye


redheads and gadwalls
  I've never seen such large numbers of redheads, we're lucky to have 4 or 5 at one time in Vermont.

redheads, gadwalls and a bufflehead

redhead pair


tundra swans

ring-billed gulls and a lesser black-backed
It was nice to see gulls in breeding plumage and they were pretty noisy!

American herring gull

lesser black-backed gull

lesser black-backed gull

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  1. Rare photo of Rainbow, we used to see it here in our region more often but now situation is changed. Niagara fall is the one place which I want to visit once in my life as it worth visiting. Lovely clicks, thank you for sharing it with us