Monday, November 23, 2015

Niagara Falls Birding

Gulls, gulls, gulls!! The majority at Niagara Falls are Ring-billed and Bonaparte's this time of year, with Herring, Great Black-backed, Lesser Black-backed and a few rare ones, if you're lucky!

There's construction at Terrapin Point, so we couldn't get closer views of the Horseshoe Falls, but Gerry did get a shot of a rainbow by holding his camera over the fence!

Even with the construction, there are plenty of spots to see gulls. We headed out to Three Sisters Island for some close views of gulls.

Bonaparte's Gull  

 I found an adult winter plumage Lesser Black-backed Gull posing for pictures!

ring-billed gulls

We walked over to Luna Island where you stand between Bridal Falls and the American Falls. Looking down in the precipice there were 1000s of gulls!

A Canada Goose was hanging out right near the edge of the falls.

Notice the mass of gulls on the rocky ledges in the middle of the picture.

View of the Canadian side from above the falls.

 November is a nice time of year to be there, not many tourists and luckily, we had a spell of 60 degree weather, (although I still dressed for winter!)

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  1. Never been there but looks like the place to go gulling. Picking out a Lesser Black-back out of the masses is lotto odds.