Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gulls and Waterfowl

ring-billed gulls

Gerry was visiting a friend in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and brought his camera along. The gulls and brant pictures were taken in Fairhaven and the mute swan pictures were at Betty's Neck in Lakeville.

great black-backed gull
great black-backed gull in flight
herring gull
ring-billed gull - love the shadows!
mute swans
Non-native mute swans are considered an invasive species. One of the world's most aggressive species, especially while nesting and raising their young, mute swans drive out native waterfowl and other wetland  wildlife. Pretty to look at but..........
hooded merganser and mute swan
Keeping an eye on the "competition"!

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  1. Another nice edition of BIRD! I enjoy looking at pictures of both gulls AND waterfowl, so please keep the pictures coming!