Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Herrick's Cove - the Ice has Melted!

ring-necked ducks

Finally, the ice has melted in the cove at Herrick's Cove in Bellows Falls. We got there just in time to see our FOY (first of year) Osprey.

 The Osprey was flying around, intently searching the water for fish. At times, he was almost stationary in the sky (kiting), then he'd start to drop down, feet first - at an amazing speed - to catch a fish.

He dropped so fast that Gerry missed him making contact with the water but caught these couple shots as he emerged and flew off.

The other waterfowl got stirred up quite a bit while he was diving but then the osprey flew off up the river.

ring-necked ducks
ring-necked ducks

American black ducks

Wood ducks

Red-necked Grebe

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