Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Raptors and Sparrows

Peregrine Falcon
It was another search for the Gyrfalcon in Hadley, Massachusetts............another dip! (birder talk for failing to see the target bird). But it was a great day for raptors and sparrows! 

We witnessed the pursuit of a Peregrine by the much smaller American Kestrel.
American Kestrel chasing a Peregrine
Kestrel trying to chase the peregrine out of his territory.

Northern Harrier scanning the fields
Northern Harrier

Rough-legged Hawk - light phase
rough-legged hawk

A Vesper Sparrow, who should have been much further south, posed nicely.

as did this Savannah Sparrow, who also should have been further south.
Savannah Sparrow

This is the winter area for the tree sparrow, they go further north in the summer.
American Tree Sparrow

Love how he's holding onto the upright branch!
American Tree Sparrow

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