Friday, August 3, 2012

Birding Allen's Marsh

glossy ibis
A Glossy Ibis had been spotted at Allen's Marsh in Westminster.........the day I left for a trip!
Common in marshes along the Atlantic coast, we don't see many in Vermont. So as soon as I returned, Gerry and I raced down to the marsh, but we dipped (birding slang for missing the bird you're after). The next morning we returned again only to dip again. But perseverance prevails! We went back about 6 pm.and shortly after, this first-fall ibis flew in.

glossy ibis
Marsh Wren
Another unusual bird for this marsh, surprisingly, is the marsh wren! They were pretty vocal and we sighted a couple working their way in the grasses.

Virginia Rail
Virginia Rails are pretty common in marshes but rarely seen. Two were "talking" to each other last night, "kidik kidik" and the other would answer "kidik kidik".  They were right next to the road and even though they were really loud, they blended in so well, it took a while to finally see them.

American Black Ducks
synchronized flying!
the avian Olympics!
Green Heron
Great Blue Heron
huge flock of European Starlings

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